This group is comprised of some of south Florida's finest vocalist and musicians performing various types of jazz from greats like Ella Fitzgerald  Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington. " Boca Jazz Ensemble" is a customizable musical collective with a focus on cocktail/lounge standards and all types of jazz from Duke Ellington to Miles Davis and from John Coltrane to Tom Jobim. Choose your size-a solo performer, duo, trio, or up to a six-piece band with vocals. Keywave also has the ability to "jazz-ify" any pop hit favorites past to present, adding sophisticated, upscale flair to any gathering. Book today!
"Boca Jazz Ensemble" strives to complement the food, décor and atmosphere with soft jazz, not to take it over with loud music. They are musicians that can also top off your evening with some classic Rhythm and Blues if desired.